Restore your missing teeth and renew your smile with dental implants

By Dr. Sindhu Gundabathula, DDS – Implant Dentist near Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Dental tooth implants in Doylestown, PennsylvaniaDental implants are today’s popular way to restore missing teeth to renew your smile.

Tooth implants replace missing teeth with strong, permanent and natural-looking prosthetic teeth.

How a Dental Implant Works

Dental Tooth Implants are used to replace a missing tooth or badly damaged teeth, replacing loose teeth for a permanent no-slip alternative to dentures.

Dental implants have two parts – the jaw implant and the prosthetic tooth. The implant is like a “tooth root” made of a small titanium post which is placed into your jawbone. Then, a custom-made prosthetic tooth made of porcelain is attached to the implant to replace your tooth and restore your smile. Anesthetics are used to keep any discomfort or pain down to the absolute bare-minimum.

Installation of your dental implants usually takes just two visits.

Dental tooth implants in Doylestown, PennsylvaniaVisit 1: Installing the “Root” of the Implant

To start the process, Dr. Sindhu will install the tiny titanium post into your jawbone – one for each tooth that needs to be replaced. The small titanium “root” (the “implant”) is inserted in your jawbone to anchor the new tooth (or teeth). Your jawbone will fuse to the tiny post to create a firm foundation for your dental implants.

Visit 2: Attaching your New Tooth to the Implant

Dr. Sindhu will then attach the custom-made prosthetic tooth to your implants which will restore the tooth to “like-new” condition and greatly improve your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Restores Your Teeth and Enhances Your Appearance: Having a badly damaged or missing tooth makes you self conscious and afraid to smile. Dental tooth implants completely restore your smile, allowing you to smile with complete confidence;

Natural Looking: Tooth Implants are prosthetic teeth that look like your natural teeth. Your dental implants will be designed to match the shape and color of your natural teeth;

Strong and Long-Lasting: Dental Implants are as strong as natural teeth and often last for decades.


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